While I was at Design of Today, We built the entire brand system (down to the name of the company) for a CBD Company called Farmer & Chemist. The entire brand was built around the idea of a 40s/50s era apothecary pharmacy so when I wrote the product descriptions, it had to reflect that kind of bouncy (sometimes cheesy) tone of voice.
Steady Going - Orange you Happy Tincture

Chronic pain and anxiety come in all forms. The path to relief should as well. This phytocannabinoid-rich tincture is designed to give you the freedom to use it in the way that works best for you. It can be rubbed on topically for localized relief or taken as a drop under the tongue for a fast-acting overall effect. When you need to tailor the treatment to the trouble, this tincture is the ticket.
It’s The Balm - Broad Spectrum CBD Balm

Chronic pain can be a hassle. It’s not fun when you feel it in your hands and joints. It can make it difficult to accomplish simple tasks, and hard to focus on the things and people that matter most. Apply topically, and this Broad Spectrum CBD balm may help soothe your pain so you can be calm, present, and focused without worrying about aching muscles or joints.
Problem Salved - PCR Rich CBD Salve

Inflamed muscles, sore joints, and dry, cracked, itchy skin? Your garden variety moisturizers just aren’t cut out for that sort of work. Problem Salved is. This anti-inflammatory CBD-infused salve is just the thing for your problems. The salve itself soothes your dry, irritated skin and the CBD goes to work on easing your joint pain and muscle inflammation, making Problem Salved the terrific 1-2-punch that you need it to be!
Ruff Dayz - CBD Dog Soft Chews

Your dog deserves the best, even when they’re at their worst. Our Broad Spectrum CBD dog chews are specially designed to help your pup slow down, relax, and feel better. Give these chews as suggested for a natural fix to pain and anxiety that your dog is sure to love.
Hot Spot - Roll On Warming Gel

If muscle aches, sore joints, and tension are trying to stop you in your tracks, Hot Spot is for you. Our CBD infused roll-on warming gel is tailor-made to ease your troubled muscles to get you back in the game, whether it’s on the court or in the office. This anti-inflammatory gel goes on easy as it warms and soothes the affected area. Quick, easy, and portable, this roll-on gel is the ticket to convenient relief from your aches and pains.
Gem Gems - CBD Chewables

It’s hard to plan for how you’ll be feeling for the rest of the day. Who knows what’ll happen this morning, let alone after lunch? Sometimes you’ll need a little more help than you thought. Gem Gems CBD chews are great for when the day is hitting a little harder. Take as directed for a low dosage CBD top off when you need it most.
Note: I wrote the copy for all products on this site, as well on the copy on the home page as of September 7th, 2021. All other copy on the site was written by someone else. 

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