Each year at Design of Today, we would design some sort of promotional gift around Halloween that we could send to our clients to help them keep us in mind for whatever projects they may have coming. In 2020, we weren't able to wrangle personal addresses for every client, so we opted to make animated Zoom backgrounds as a digital gift that could be emailed. I wrote the following poem to be used as part of the email blast that informed our clients of the backgrounds and how to use them. 
In private, are spent your weary days,
In quiet isolation.
And you may search a hundred ways,
To cure this desperation.

A walk, some sun, perhaps some air,
Will lift this grim damnation.
You rant, you rave, “This isn’t fair!’
You cry from your prostration.

Perhaps there is another solve,
To limitless stagnation.
Perhaps, it is, you must evolve.
A new dreadful fixation.

Release yourself from this bind,
Of mental sanitation.
A sweet goodbye to your mind,
This parting salutation.

Embrace the madness you once fought,
This grisly new sensation.
We welcome lunacy at DoT.
Your final destination.

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